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I created Pink Puffin Bicycles to get people excited about riding bicycles. Recreation should be about bringing joy to our lives and riding bikes is fun and joyful. 

I want to talk with you, understand you and what you are looking for and why. If that conversation takes five minutes and you are ready to have a great ride, wonderful. If it takes hours over coffee and a beer, then even better. Communication is paramount. My goal is to talk with and listen to you to meet your needs. Let’s share our love about all the beautiful bike things in the world, in a warm friendly environment.

Pink Puffin Experience


I want to create a space that feels warm, exciting, inclusive, welcoming and memorable. This is an important part of a good shop experience for me. The smell, colors, and space all manifest my vision of what a great bicycle shop should be. Soft pink and teal walls, the smell of sweetness in the air, the lounge area to cozy up with fresh coffee and chit chat about bikes all mesh to welcome you to my space. Come and enjoy the feeling with me at Pink Puffin Bicycles.

Past, Present & Future


I’ve had a deep love for bicycles since childhood that has bloomed into a lifelong passion that luckily organically blossomed into a rewarding career.


I’ve been working in the industry since 2006 and in opening Pink Puffin Bicycles I hope to share the joy that I feel for bicycles with you. Pink Puffin Bicycles is a welcoming space focused on quality gear and mechanical expertise.


When I’m not in the shop I can often be spotted on my bike puffing through Paradise loop in Marin, or on a beach stroll with my wife, Amy, and our (incredibly quirky) chihuahua/dachshund mix, Edwin. 


I hope you’ll stop by to say hi and discuss all things bikes, dogs, coffee, or English premier league (Go Tottenham!) with me soon.


- Phillip Shain, Owner

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