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Bike Brands


Enigma Bicycle Works hails from Sussex in the United Kingdom. Enigma is a David in the Goliath world of titanium bikes. Unpretentious and packed with character and style, this titanium and steel frame manufacturer brings feeling and pizazz to a sometimes lackluster titanium market. Custom geometry and ride tuning to get you exactly the right size and feel on the bike, check! A custom paint lab whipping up some show stopping designs and colors to bring the bling and personalization, check!

A quality company, spectacular products and first-rate customer service makes Enigma Bicycles and Pink Puffin Bicycles an amazing partnership.



FiftyOne, based in Dublin, Ireland, has changed the world of custom carbon bicycles to the point that most everyone is struggling to catch up. They have incorporated an industry revolutionizing joint welding technique with a completely custom buying process. They work with you one-on-one to design a bike to your exact physical geometry and design dreams, resulting in your unique bicycle that will never be copied or re-made. If you are looking for one of the best feeling, best looking and best companies delivering world class carbon bicycles and customer service, then look no further than FiftyOne and Pink Puffin Bicycles.

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