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Being able to ride your bike comfortably and happily is the key to enjoying your bike ride. Little nags, sores, and discomfort can ruin a great riding experience and lead to injuries. I have partnered with Brian Keyte, owner of Paragon Fit Studio, and we will work together on your new custom bike to make sure you feel like sunshine.


Here’s a little bit from Brian on Bike Fitting: 


Your dreams have become a reality, and you're on track to securing your first custom-made bike. First step: Bike Fit. I'll work with you to ensure your contacts points, and their support, are optimized around your unique biomechanical needs. We will start in my studio, starting with an interview to get to know your fitness goals and riding style, followed by a physical assessment, and then on to body position optimization using my Retul Sizing Bike. This special equipment allows testing of various crank arm and stem lengths along with handlebar and saddle designs that will ultimately secure the final build and delivery of your custom bike.

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