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I am a believer in the old-school ways and values of work. This includes no shortcuts, by hand, and the right way. My long-time experience working on bikes has led me to understand some truths about bikes. First, bikes are faster, work better and look good when clean. Second, your bike should make you feel happy. You should want to ride your bike as much as possible, itching to ride every chance you get. If your happiness level on the bike isn’t as high as you’d wish, then together we need to find your happiness again.


My service ethos is simple: provide the best service to you and your bike. I want to make riding your bicycle marvelous and joyful!

House Calls


Pink Puffin Bicycles is proud to announce it will be doing house calls for those who would like to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of having to lug their bike to the shop. This service applies to all bikes and even some spin bicycles needing minor servicing. Please email or text me about the problem, and we'll work out a solution immediately and conveniently. If a more major service is needed, please consider my Pick-up / Drop-off service.

Email / Phone Consultation is Free.

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Pick-up / Drop-off

Pink Puffin Bicycles is also proud to announce a Bicycle Pick-up / Drop-off Service. In today's busy world sometimes you don’t have the time to drive across town. Or maybe, you don’t want to fight the traffic? Either way fear not, because I will work with you, around your schedule, to get your bike to the shop and back home. Email, text, or call and we’ll find a time to make it happen.

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